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Handmade, pure silver small heart pendant. Approximately 1c


Polish from time to time as required with a soft cloth.


16" and 20" chain lengths are available. Please specify using the dropdown.


The necklace comes gift wrapped in a silver organza gift bag.

Small Silver Heart on chain

  • Libby Torrie's silver pieces are made from Silver Clay. Silver Clay is an amazing material that consists of very fine particles of silver that have been recycled from a variety of sources including waste from the photographic industry. The particles are mixed with a non-toxic, organic binder and water to enable a clay-like consistency to be produced. After each piece has been shaped, dried and filed, it is fired using a very high heat (either kiln or blow torch). During this process, the binder and water burn away leaving a pure silver piece. Each item is lovingly made and any flaws within the piece are part of its unique character. 

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